Our Science

Our Science

Destiny Pharma is a clinical phase biotechnology company dedicated to the development of novel anti-infectives.

Destiny Pharma’s innovative research created a new anti-bacterial drug platform, the XF drugs. Unlike antibiotics, XF drugs have demonstrated the remarkable quality of not generating bacterial resistance. Our XF drug platform acts via an ultra-rapid action that kills targeted bacteria (including antibiotic resistant strains) leaving the bacteria unable to mount a resistance. Our lead asset, XF-73, is currently recruiting patients into a Phase 2b clinical trial for the prevention of life threatening infections and is expected to complete recruitment by the end of 2020, for more details on this study please visit here. We are looking to build a portfolio of novel antimicrobial drug products from our XF drug platform that can access markets closed to traditional antibiotics due to the threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), generic competition and pricing challenges.

For more information on the threat of AMR, please click on link below
Antibiotic Resistance: A Matter of Time – FT

Destiny is also collaborating with SporeGen on a novel treatment for the prevention of COVID-19 and similar respiratory viral infections using a Bacillus based approach. This project is at the preclinical development stage. SPOR-COV™ is a prophylactic approach that targets the innate immune system with potential to develop COVID-19 protection within a few days of treatment. SPOR-COV™ is different to vaccines in that it utilises the innate immune system with the aim of developing COVID-19 protection within a few days after dosing.

Further information about the XF Platform and SPOR-COV™ can be found by following the links below:

XF Platform