Crisis of Antibiotic Resistance – Biggest Threat to Modern Medicine

Infections caused by Antibiotic Resistant (AR) strains of bacteria continue to rise at an alarming rate. They pose a threat to humanity.

Antibiotics represent the foundation for all modern medicine. However, this has been taken for granted and now we find that bacteria have become resistant to almost every antibiotic developed by man and the vast majority of bacterial infections are now caused by AR strains. These AR bacteria, dubbed by the media as ‘Superbugs’, are harder to treat, cause greater mortality, and additional cost to the healthcare system.

Unless action is taken to address this huge global issue, the Independent Review on Antimicrobial Resistance (Lord O’Neill) estimates that it will cost the world an additional 10 million lives a year by 2050, more than the number of people currently dying from cancer annually. It will also have a cumulative cost of $100 trillion, more than one and a half times annual world GDP today.

New antibiotics will ‘buy time’, however perhaps more importantly we need to adopt strategies that may reduce the emergence of AR strains. At Destiny Pharma, one such strategy is being developed in the form of a new group of antibacterial drugs ‘the XF Drug platform’, who’s novel, ultra-rapid mechanism endows them with the extraordinary ability to reduce the chance of bacteria becoming resistant to their action.