New US market for the prevention of post-surgical staphylococcal infections

Significant new market potential for the prevention of post-surgical staphylococcal infections in the US

The core market for XF-73 in the US is identified by a new Qualifying Infectious Disease Product (QIDP) indication, namely the Prevention of Post-Surgical Staphylococcal Infections.

There are approximately 40 million surgeries per annum in the USA alone where the patients are at risk of a post-surgical infection. However, within this large population there are particular groups who are at an even higher risk of infection due to the nature of their surgery or the procedures/environment they are treated within. These include cardiovascular, orthopaedic and other complex surgeries, (Destiny Pharma estimate that this totals some 14 million US surgeries pa). A figure that is set to rise within the context of an aging population.

MRSA infection

1 in 3 people carry Staphylococcus aureus in the nose without any adverse effects. However, those who carry S. aureus in the nose are at greater risk of infecting themselves whist they are in hospital for an operation.