Dermal Infections

Dermal Infections – a $0.5 billion dollar opportunity

XF-73 in being developed as a new treatment for diabetic foot ulcer infections (DFUs) to target a market which is  estimated to be a $0.5 billion global sales opportunity based on the incidence of such infections, the costs of the associated medical care and a realistic product pricing of XF-73 in this new market. Driven by the growing number of diabetics and associated complications such as infected DFUs, this represents a significant market opportunity for XF-73. As with all anti-infectives, AMR is also a concern within this market. There is no dominant treatment for DFUs and specialist physicians are therefore working to find better treatment options, including topical formulations. In addition, the target product profile of XF-73 tested favourably with dermal clinicians looking for better treatments for the smaller market for burns/wound infections and venous leg ulcers.