Business Development

Business development

Destiny Pharma plc is an established innovative clinical stage pharmaceutical company.

The company is focused on the clinical development and commercial exploitation of highly innovative antimicrobial drugs. Successful completion of the Company’s current EU & US clinical development milestones for XF-73 will lead to a very significant business opportunity – as XF-73’s regulatory pathway through to approvals is an attractive one.

Destiny Pharma is a well-managed company with a track record of innovation. The company selects projects on a strictly commercial basis and project manages these using world-class teams, assembled on a project-by-project basis, to undertake R&D.

The need for new antibacterial drugs is well recognised by governments, and healthcare organisations around the world recognise the unique situation such drug development currently resides in and a number of incentives are being implemented to encourage industry to renew development in this area.

Destiny Pharma has an open door policy to discussing potential business relationships associated with its drug portfolio. These range from partnering and licensing through to investment and non-dilutive funding as well as risk sharing and joint ventures with industry, academia and governments.

The company is also a founding member of the BEAM Alliance (established in 2015 as a collective of EU SME Pharma companies in the anti-infectives sector) and interacts with a broad range of stakeholders (governments, healthcare organisations and industry) on aspects related to novel anti-microbial drug development.