31 Oct 2016 – Wellcome Trust report on boosting development of new antimicrobial drugs

Today, the Wellcome Trust have published a report entitled “Clinical Trial Networks for Antibiotic Development: Why they’re important and how they should be developed” which is the result of work undertaken by a multi-stakeholder working group, including Destiny Pharma’s Ian Hayter, which investigated the benefits of producing a clinical trial network to boost the search for new antibiotics. The report identifies that establishing such a network could result in up to a 23% saving on clinical trial running costs and a total saving of 40 – 60% of the total cost of trials could be achieved by also using a master trial protocol and allowing multiple trials to share a single control group.

Ian Hayter, Project Director at Destiny Pharma commented “I am very encouraged by this report, which identifies potential ways to reduce the cost and time for clinical trials for new antibiotics which would boost the development of new antibacterial drugs, which are urgently needed to combat the threat of multidrug resistant bacteria.”