21 Sep 2016 – Momentous Step taken by UN to Fight Antibiotic Resistance welcomed by Destiny Pharma

Brighton, UK, 21 September 2016 – Destiny Pharma Ltd welcomes today’s United Nation’s meeting in New York where all 193 nations of the UN will sign a landmark declaration to pledge to rid the world of Antibiotic Resistant infections. This is only the fourth time the UN has focused on addressing a global healthcare issue in its history, underlining the worldwide concern on the impact that Antibiotic Resistance will have if left unchecked.

Among a number of actions that the UN will commit to is to encourage innovation for new antibiotics and novel antibacterial drugs, and to address the imbalance in the value of antibiotics to public health and society.

“This is a landmark announcement”, commented Dr Bill Love, CEO, Destiny Pharma, “It signals that the world is now serious about taking significant measures to reverse and address the healthcare crisis caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria. We expect that these positive developments will assist companies such as ours to deliver a pipeline of new and much needed novel antibacterial drugs.”

The United Nations, World Health Organization, Food and Agriculture Organization, and the OIE-World Organisation for Animal Health will provide a report containing a wide range of recommendations for action to address Antibiotic Resistance. The report will be delivered at the 73rd UN General Assembly in 2 years’ time.

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About Destiny Pharma:

Destiny Pharma, a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, was founded in 1997. The Company focuses on the R&D of new antimicrobial drugs, with an emphasis on novel mechanisms of action that seek to address the global healthcare issue, namely, Antibiotic Resistance. XF-73 is the Company’s lead drug which has completed 5 Phase I/IIa clinical studies in Europe/US. Through its extensive business network and strategic partnerships, Destiny Pharma intends to globally commercialize candidates from the XF Drug platform based on dicationic porphyrins which are differentiated from traditional antibiotics structurally. XF drug candidates are able to kill static and growing bacterial cultures, as well as bacteria with biofilm and may thus see limited resistance development. Non-growing cultures often become resistant to traditional antibiotics that rely on the bacteria actively growing to kill them. Additional information on Destiny Pharma is available at www.destinypharma.com