05 Dec 2014 – Destiny Pharma invited to attend the first event of the Review on Antimicrobial Resistance Meeting chaired by Jim O’Neill and hosted by the Wellcome Trust on the 11th December 2014

Destiny Pharma have been invited to attend the first event for the Review on Antimicrobial Resistance which has been set up by David Cameron, the British Prime Minister to be held at the Wellcome Trust in London. Jim O’Neill, the chairman of the review, will present a paper looking at how much antimicrobial resistance could cost the world by 2050 if it is not tackled. The meeting will also discuss two questions with expert speakers, followed by an interactive discussion:

1. What will it take for new diagnostic technology to become reality? What policy changes are needed to change prescription practices and revolutionise the surveillance of diseases?

2. New antimicrobial drugs: How empty is the pipeline? Is the problem science or money?

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